Dear Bark: Toby is an eight-year-old Corgi/Chihuahua mix we adopted when he was a year old. He was quickly housetrained and never had an accident. About three years ago, we adopted an elderly dog, Coco, who turned out to be completely incontinent. We put down puppy pads and dealt with it; she was a sweet thing and we knew she wouldn’t be around forever. A few weeks ago, Coco passed and now, Toby’s peeing in the house. (Or he may have been doing it for a while; while Coco was alive, we would have assumed it was her.) I can’t catch him in the act; he only does it when we aren’t home. He’s not left alone all day, and when we’re home, he’ll ask to go out. Can I retrain a middle-aged dog?

It is very unsettling to suddenly realize that an adult dog seems to have lost the excellent housetraining skills you’ve taken for granted for years. But basically, adult dogs don’t start…

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