A dog named Max licked my toe.
Why he did it, I don’t know,
He stood right there with his tongue stickin out,
Eyeing my foot through his long, thin snout,
Walked over to me and he took a seat,
Looked in my eyes and then at my feet,
Thought about it, took a good look around,
Put his head down, stared at the ground,
A minute went by as he thought what to do,

Then stuck out his tongue and he licked you know who.
If you’ve ever been licked by a dog on your toe,
What I’m going to tell you, you already know,
A dog’s tongue is wet, it’s slippery, it’s slimy,
So there’s no way a dog could just slip a lick by me,
I definitely felt it, the whole slobbery ick,
I knew that it happened, although it was quick,
I looked down at my feet and one toe was all wet,
And Max, Max the dog, just looked up, no regret.
He didn’t mind that he slimed me all up,
He cocked his head and this cute little…

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