Dogs are notorious for their indiscriminate eating habits and as a result there are plenty of upset stomachs and needed carpet cleanings. If a dog vomits once or twice, it’s likely no cause for concern, but more than that can be a sign of a serious or potentially life-threatening illness that requires attention by a veterinarian.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons why a dog may throw up and vomiting is a symptom of many mild and serious illnesses, so how do dog owners know when it’s important to see a vet and what is causing your dog’s upset tummy? The good news here is that many of the causes of a dog vomiting can be resolved with home treatment alone.

Let’s dive into some of the possible causes of dog vomiting.

Common Causes For Dog Vomiting

  • Eating too fast
  • Eating grass
  • Car sickness
  • Diet change
  • Food allergy
  • Foreign body…

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