Ever wonder what it costs for a vet to remove a foreign body from a dog’s GI tract? Well, in the vet biz, they call it the “$1,000 sock.” Cost is just one reason to be aware of what your dog’s putting in his mouth.

Matthew McCarthy, DVM, owner of Juniper Valley Animal Hospital in Middle Village, Queens, N.Y., has removed many gastrointestinal foreign bodies (GIFBs—vet-speak for stuff that gets stuck in an animal’s stomach, intestines or colon) from dogs and cats. “For us vets, GIFBs are quite an exciting topic, kind of like party favors, as you never know what you will find,” says Dr. McCarthy. “Put a couple of vets together and bring up the topic of GIFBs, and the conversation will resemble the scene from the movie Jaws, where Quint, Brody and Hooper are trying to one-up each other on their various scars. Except for us, it’s the size, the amount and the…

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