It’s been a week of hand sanitizer, social distancing and official responses. Policy, protocols, processes. (As you know, these are a few of my favourite things). Communications and reviews. Precautions. Preparation. Triage. Risk assessment.
Change. Uncertainty. Change.

Dear Tilly came to stay and wasn’t sure what to make of it all either!

Our inboxes have been flooded with COVID19 updates and responses from every company. Read our’s here.

In the meantime, people are still getting sick, not from COVID19, but because other shit still happens. And their pets still get sick too.

Pets are playing an almighty role in the COVID19 crisis. Not just as working from home buddies, for the army of people who are moving their employment to home-based. But now more than ever for our vulnerable folk, many of whom are already isolated. Their companion pet is often a sole source of touch and…

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