If you’ve seen an illustrated canine-body-language chart, odds are Lili Chin did the artwork. Shelters, veterinarians, law-enforcement training programs, the World Health Organization, the Dog Decoder mobile app and even the Swiss Fire Brigade have used her work to help people understand what dogs are telling them so that everyone remains safe. Now, she’s captured a decade’s worth of experience with this important subject in her new book, Doggie Language. In this Q&A, we dig into the details.


Bark: Why is it important for people to be able to understand and speak “dog”?

Lili Chin: Speaking as an artist who lives with a dog, and who has worked for professional dog behavior consultants, I feel it’s important to understand “dog” so that people and dogs can have better relationships. With dog body-language knowledge, people can avoid getting bitten and are less likely to…

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