Finally! A how-to for those of us who would like to both reduce conflict in our lives and have things go our way a little more often. The second part of that statement (which is mostly tongue-in-cheek) references one of positive reinforcement’s (R+) proven benefits: Rewarding behavior you like tends to get you more of that behavior, while ignoring what you don’t like gets you less. Whether we’re looking for a little cooperation from our dogs, our children, our spouse, our in-laws or our friends, this book provides a roadmap, a way to accomplish that sans drama (and sans yelling).

Karen London is one of The Bark’s long-time, go-to dog training and behavior experts, and her advice is thoroughly grounded in more than two decades of experience using R+ methods to help dogs learn better ways of interacting with others and living in our human world. As she points out in her…

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