I am the proud owner of multiple dogs.  I like having more than one dog and I’ve always had at least two since I was eighteen years old.

Growing up, my parents were reluctant to let me have ONE dog.  We finally got ONE dog, a Chow Chow, and I begged for another, but my mom always said, “then she’d be part of a pack and would need and love us less.”

I think this was just an excuse. ?

So anyway, when I moved out and got my own house, it wasn’t long before I owned two dogs.  The most I’ve ever had was four dogs; currently, I’ve got three living with me.

And it highlights for me, the more dogs you have, the more you must work at keeping them trained and bonded with you, not just with one another.

I’m frequently asked:  “How do you train more than one dog at a time?”

It’s a great question, because I know there are plenty of multi-dog homes out…

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