Around the world, scientists are working at warp speed to develop ways to identify and treat Covid-19. In the month since we published an article about dogs being trained to detect Covid-19 in humans, more countries are getting into the act.

Along with the UK and U.S. projects, the Nosaïs canine medical detection team at the Alfort School of Veterinary Medicine near Paris has trained eight Belgian Malnois to identify the novel coronavirus in the sweat of infected individuals. The dogs’ success rate is near perfect, averaging 95 percent on all samples; two of the dogs were correct 100 percent of the time.

In this proof-of-concept study, which was conducted at three different sites using identical protocols, the dogs were provided with samples of subjects’ axillary (armpit) sweat. Sweat from this region was used because recent studies indicate that it seems to be most efficient at…

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