Since I committed to the task of cooking for my dogs almost five years ago, I have been asked many questions about not just the recipes and vitamin formulations I use, but also, about my favorite kitchen tools. While you can make any of the recipes we’ve published using the simplest of tools, if you’re dedicated (as I have become) to home cooking pet food on steady basis, it does help to have equipment that makes meal prep easier—even foolproof. And of course, all of my tools do double duty, since I use them to make our meals as well.

Do keep in mind that—aside from a digital scale—you really don’t need any of these products to make delicious and nutritious dog food. The most important thing is to set aside the time it takes to learn how to make complete and balanced meals for your dog and then to do it on a regular basis.

Here’s a list of utensils, tools and appliances…

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