Win or lose, Tom Brady loves his dogs. Super Bowls come and go (ten of them!) but Brady’s dogs are a constant presence. They keep him grounded, and offer him companionship away from the bright lights. Tom, his wife, super model-activist-author Gisele Bündchen and their two children live with four dogs. And based on their life documented on the couple’s social media, it’s quite a nice life.

First came Lua, a sturdy brown Pitbull-mix Brady-Bündchen adopted from their local animal shelter. Lua appeared with Tom in a commercial for UGG Australia a few years back. Brady, one of the shoe company’s celebrity pitchmen, is shown walking on the beach in his UGGs playing fetch with Lua. Part of the Brady clan since 2014, Lua was joined by another rescue, a Beagle Tom named Scooby, the following year. Gisele then opted for a “dog of her own” with a pint-size Terrier she aptly named…

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