David Rosenfelt is a very busy guy! In addition to releasing a new book in the Andy Carpenter series (Muzzled), with The K Team, he debuts a new spinoff series, one that incorporates some familiar faces.

Retired cop Corey Douglas and his equally retired K-9 partner, a German Shepherd named Simon Garfunkel; Laurie Collins, ex-Paterson, N.J., PD and Andy’s wife; and the inscrutable Marcus Clark, investigator extraordinaire, make up the newly assembled K Team, private investigators for hire.

The team’s first client is a surprise to everyone: Judge Henry “Hatchet” Henderson. The judge, a proverbial pillar of the community and one of the Paterson bench’s straightest arrows, is being blackmailed, and he needs the K Team to find out by who, and for what reason. He demands absolute confidentiality, and refuses to involve the police.

When the blackmailer ramps up the pressure, the judge…

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