Some of our companion animals may require more attention than others, and that’s okay—it’s what we signed up for. Dogs and cats rely on us to provide them with water, food, relief walks, socialization opportunities appropriate to their temperaments, and veterinary and hygiene care.

When dogs vocalize (bark), they are often asking for help. The water bowl might be empty, they might be hungry or they might just need affection. During this time, as we are forming new (and perhaps improved) habits, let us also extend that practice to our dog’s hygiene.

There is no evidence that our companion animals transmit the virus. However, common sense tells us that helping our dogs stay clean is a good idea.

• Give them what some call a bird bath, cleaning their “important parts” with mild soap and tepid water. You can also use fragrance- and chemical-free wipes if you prefer, but make…

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