Dogs are often our staunchest allies. They comfort us, they keep us connected to the world around us, they ground us in life’s daily routines. That’s a lot to expect from any companion, yet they do it instinctively, without being asked. And when our world is shadowed by illness, isolation, grief or anger, the love and solace we receive from our dogs—unconditionally and unquestioningly—make the days more bearable.

The power of that relationship is beautifully chronicled in the forthcoming book, When Dogs Heal: The Healing Power of Dogs Within the HIV Community, by award-winning photographer Jesse Freidin. Produced in collaboration with adolescent HIV+ specialist Dr. Robert Garofalo and journalists Christina Garofalo and Zach Stafford, and published by Zest/Lerner Books, it showcases people living with this condition and the dogs who help them navigate it.

Freidin began…

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