If you and your dog often wind up spending a lot more time indoors during the winter months, getting a lot less exercise all around, you may both enjoy some new home-based workout routines. There are many videos to help you get started—from simple stretching exercises to moving to the beat in dog dancing. Exercising with your dog is a unique opportunity to create an energy flow between you that reinforces your bond while doing something good for both your own and your dog’s physical well-being. Here are a few we think will inspire you to go “with the flow.”


For Dog Yoga, aptly called Doga, try these ancient stretching exercises, which will relax and refresh you. Your dogs’ play bows sync up with the “downward-facing dog” posture, perhaps the most natural pose for all dogs. Also, fans of Doga tell us that there are many benefits to teaching your dog to allow all parts…

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