“Go to your place” is a common cue, one type of what trainers call “stationing,” which is asking a dog to sit or stand still in a specific spot. The spot can be a mat, a dog bed or a platform, and you can send a dog there with the cue “Go to your place.” The specific spot you want your dog to be in can even be a position relative to a person; one form of stationing is to simply have your dog stand right in front of you.

It’s common to train dogs to perform more than one stationing (or “place”) behavior. In my house, I like dogs to go to their bed and lie down, to sit or stand on a platform, and to stand in front of me attentively. All of these are stationing behaviors, and they are each useful in their own ways.

Let’s discuss each type, and its value.

Lie down on a bed.

People commonly send their dog to a bed (or mat, blanket or crate) for many reasons. One of the…

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