Swimming can be a great activity for your dog. It’s both wonderful exercise and a fun way to cool down during the hot summer months. In this article, we talk about preparing your pup for the water, introduce the best practices for canine water safety and note some water-related medical issues to look out for. Whether it’s time spent poolside, at a favorite lake or stream, or at the beach, be prepared and keep your swimming dog safe with these tips:

In this article: Prepare Your Pup for the Water; Dog Swimming Safety; Water-Related Hazards

Prepare Your Pup for the Water

While it’s easy to assume that all dogs love the water and are “natural-born swimmers,” that’s not the case. Some don’t like the water, and all dogs need to learn to swim. Give your dog time to acclimate by slowly easing him into the “deep end.” Throwing a stick or ball into the water is a good way to…

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