Like mail carriers, dog walkers can be found out and about with their dogs in the sun, in the rain, in the snow and in the “dark of night.” Each condition and each season offers its own challenges, some more than others. Winter falls into the “more than others” category, particularly in the northern latitudes. Snow, sleet, ice and frigid cold can make even an everyday walk in the park less than desirable (or enjoyable) for both humans and canines. Here are some tips for making the season more tolerable all around.

1. Know your dog’s tolerance for cold.

Each dog has a different threshold for cold tolerance, which is greatly dependent on the dog’s breeding. Have a Newfoundland or a Husky? Great! They, and many other hardy, double-coated breeds, are better prepared for cold weather and can handle longer outings in harsher conditions. Short-haired or slick-coated dogs like…

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