Too much sourdough starter? No problem! Expand your baking routine to include treats for the pups.

Like many of you, since mid-March, I’ve had the sourdough bug in a big way. I’d been wanting to delve into creating and nurturing a starter for ages, but never seemed to have time to devote to it. But then came Covid-19 and shelter in place and social distancing, which made it the perfect time to do just that. (It’s heartening to know that this baking craze has taken the world by storm. Do listen to this podcast from the Washington Post to see why this might be.)

Homemade Dog Treats Recipe

Once I got my starter to a robust, bubbly stage, I discovered that just about everything involved in using it—from flour to proofing baskets, even wheat berries—is almost impossible to purchase. Even nifty home appliances for grinding your own flour, or the super-cool Brod & Taylor folding proofer and slow cooker are in…

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