Dogs in Art is a refreshing primer on a subject old as time, as evidenced by Egyptian and pre-Columbian artifacts highlighted by author Susie Green in this seminal work. A handsome, well-researched book, it strikes the perfect balance between an academic thesis and a popular art history tour.

In her new book, Susie Green takes the reader on an artistic tour across time, from ancient Rome through the Renaissance and into the 21st century. A thoughtful writer, she shares insights into the many ways dogs have been depicted in art through the ages, and how those depictions have mirrored the evolution of human cultures and societies. A number of exquisite works rarely seen in print are included, as are numerous sly revelations. With this tome, she has achieved that rare feat of personalizing a much-studied field, and deserves our congratulations. Recently, The Bark spoke to Susie Green…

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