Attention all freeze dried and dehydrated pet food manufacturers: do the right thing…put an alert on your label.

There is a serious concern with dehydrated or freeze-dried pet foods that needs to be openly addressed. These are great pet food options, but only if the pet food is properly hydrated before feeding it to your pet.

A pet owner brought this issue to our attention, her cats suffered blockages from eating some dehydrated food before water was added.

Dr. Laurie Coger told us she’s treated dogs for blockages when owners have unknowingly allowed the dog access to dehydrated foods prior to moisture being added. Dr. Karen Becker added “the number of animals eating unreconstituted freeze dried or dehydrated food that are hospitalized for enemas or possible obstructions are alarming. I love these food categories, but freeze dried or dehydrated foods should be fed rehydrated and…

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