I get variations of this question all the time:

“Why isn’t my dog protective of me and my things?”

Husband or wife; “How can I make him protect me, my family and my things?”

People who have a friendly or docile dog, are often disappointed because they naively want a protective dog.

And, people with overprotective dogs (often caused, by them and their behaviors, from scenario one) just want to be able to manage their dog and have friends and family over to their home without worrying that someone will be bitten.

Let me be the first to tell you that you really don’t want an overprotective dog!  Overprotective dogs are a HUGE liability.  Ninety five percent aren’t trust worthy and are dangerous.  Even a veterinary behaviorist may not be able to help if the dog’s behavior is too aggressive or protective. Many get labeled as dangerous dogs after a bite…

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