Early in December 2020, I wrote an article here about the final rule issued by the Department of Transportation (DOT) on traveling by air with service animals. The rule was published in the Federal Register a few weeks later, which clears the way for it to go into effect on Monday, January 11, 2012.

Starting that day, passengers will have to pay to have their emotional support animals travel with them. With trained service dogs as the only animals allowed in the cabin free of charge, DOT estimates airlines will gain up to $59.6 million a year in pet fees.

The U.S. DOT, after receiving over 15,000 comments, changed the rules governing service animals on planes. Those new rules for 2021:

• Define a service animal as being a dog (not another species) who has been individually trained to work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability.
• No longer consider an…

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