As a dog behaviourist, one of the questions I am asked with almost every new client is “Is what my dog doing normal?”. There are many adorable behaviours that dogs act out that make them the goofy oddballs we can’t help but love. There are also some things they do that are really rather disgusting. It can be tricky to know what is normal when it comes to our pets and what should be a cause for concern.

Top topics that pop up regularly are: rolling in rubbish or poop, eating poop, chasing their tail, chewing their paws, humping, crotch-sniffing and, well, the list goes on. The answer to most of these is ‘Yes,’ they are all perfectly normal behaviours. They are just not something that humans are familiar or particularly comfortable with. However, when it comes to freezing when out walking it is the severity of it that can reveal if it is a problem or not.

Why Does My Dog Freeze…

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