Hot days kill dogs.

Most of us know enough not to leave our dogs in the car on a hot or sunny day, but did you know in some states it is illegal?  AZ, CA, IL, ME, MD, MN, NV, NH, NJ, NY, ND, SD, VT, and WV all have laws concerning leaving your animal unattended in your vehicle.   Although the penalty is usually not nearly enough in my opinion!

So we can admit we know not to leave our dogs in a hot car on a sunny day! Please?

But… did you ALSO know that just being left outside without shade (or sometimes even with shade) or exercise on a hot day can kill your dog?

My husband and I are avid hikers and geocachers.   When we have a day off we are often found hiking through the mountains with our K9 friends at our side.

But as the temperature climbs we are sometimes unknowingly putting our dogs at risk.

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Dogs are AT RISK of heatstroke at much lower temperatures…

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