One of the world’s great designers, Milton Glaser, passed away on Friday, June 26, 2020. Glaser was a seminal figure in modern design, highly influential and helping to define American graphic design. In a career that spanned seven decades, he created the memorable poster of Bob Dylan for Columbia Records, co-founded New York magazine, and designed symbols for everything from the ubiquitous I♥NY logo to the AIDS logo for the World Health Organization.

milton glaser

What Makes a Design Masterpiece?

Glaser created a poster for Olivetti in 1968 that has become a design classic and a favorite among dog lovers. Glaser called it “Mourning Dog (after di Cosimo)” in homage to the 15th-century Renaissance painting by Piero di Cosimo—The Death of ProcrisA Satyr Mourning Over a Nymph—which the designer cropped focusing attention on the dog and placing the Italian company’s latest portable…

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