Dog’s name and age: Sweet Caroline Truffle, 5 years

Nicknames: Truffleupagus, T-Ruff, Snooky the Monkey Dog

Adoption story:  I was in search of a new dog who I could train for therapy dog work and sports. Enter Truffle. I’ve had dogs since I was a teenager but she’s my first Aussie. My niece had ovarian cancer at a young age, and she suggested the name Sweet Caroline and I wanted a happy name, so I thought Truffle would be a good fit. Truffle introduced me to a whole new community of dog lovers and dog sports. Truffle’s favorite activity is nose work but she also loves doing rally, obedience, and tricks too.

Truffle really is a career girl. She loves to learn new skills and work because she is happiest earning treats. She has been certified through Caring Animal Partners as a therapy dog, so we go to the college to provide stress relief during finals. Truffle is the most…

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