Dog’s name and age: Trapper John, 2 years

Behind the name: Trapper was named him after the MASH TV show character and shares his home with another dog named Radar.

Adoption Story: Trapper was transported from Texas by Take Me Home – Advocates For Transport. He arrived at PAWS Rescue and they needed a foster ASAP. I ended up fostering him and fell in love with his spunk! I was looking for an agility/sport dog and he was sweet and unafraid which was perfect.

Trapper loves anything that involves running. He loves chasing squeaky toys, balls, discs and other dogs too. We compete in agility and that makes him smile but the playing/tugging on a disc after is the real reward. We go on runs and 5K races together and he is smiling, especially if there is mud! We’d love to try out dock diving soon too.

Trapper is the best companion, we even did the RuffMudder this year because I knew he would…

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