Dog’s name and age: Riley, 3 years

Nicknames: Little Man and Good Boy

Adoption story: I work for Intermountain Therapy Animals, a non-profit group that trains people to take their well-behaved and well-suited dogs into hospitals, schools, rehab, assisted living centers and similar facilities. I have met many wonderful dogs through my work with therapy animals.

When I decided to rescue a dog, I wanted to see if I could find one of those great dogs and perhaps, he would like to have a therapy dog job. I met Riley and he was very timid and unsure of people. I could only get an arm’s length from him, but it was love at first sight, I knew he was the dog for me.

With much love and patience, he has blossomed and turned into the sweetest, most loving dog. He makes our whole family smile every time we see him. He always wants to be near someone and touching them, it warms my heart. I don’t…

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