Dog’s name and age: Princess, 15 years

Nicknames: Pookie

Adoption story: I volunteer at┬áMarty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary in Allentown, NJ. During the COVID Quarantine in NJ all the dogs were placed in foster homes. Fourteen-year-old Princess came to stay with me in March and quickly wormed her way into the family unit and into our hearts. She shares our home with two shepherd mix sisters who are also rescues, and I call her my court jester. She makes me laugh every day with her dramatic antics.

She loves hanging with her big sisters, she follows them everywhere. Princess loves playing with her stuffed toys all day and snuggling with them at night. But I think her favorite things are belly rubs and air conditioning vents. She has learned that the air conditioning floor vents in the sunroom are a cool place to lie. When the air isn’t running, she stands over the vent, looks down into…

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