Dog’s name and age: Peso, 12 years

Nicknames: Baby Boy, Buddy Boy, Grumpy Old Man

Adoption Story: During a shopping trip to PetSmart to get my dog Penny some goodies, I noticed they were having an adoption event. Naturally, I had to check it out and I saw Peso there. No one wanted him because he had a slight crook to his head. I had been looking for a buddy for Penny for over a year and no one was right until I met Peso. When I saw him I knew he was the dog I had been looking for. Since we had Penny, we thought it would be cute to rename him Peso.

Penny and Peso got along right away. They were best friends up until the day that Penny passed away.

Peso knows when I don’t feel good, so he will snuggle extra close and give me a ton of kisses. He brings so much joy and laughter. He smiles a lot especially when I give him kisses. He has been the best dog we have ever had.

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