Dog’s Name and Age: Loki, 6 years

Nicknames: Princess, Noki, Noks

Adoption Story: While living in Africa we rescued Loki about three years before moving back to the USA. Loki is short for location, on the streets of Africa they call the slums “locations” and she is our little location special.

While living in Africa, Loki loved to chase monkeys and now she happy with chasing squirrels. Loki became best friends with another dog we adopted from Africa, baby boy Blue. Loki loves cuddling, eating, and her favorite thing of all taking walks with her brother Blue. We love them more than life itself and couldn’t be happier to have them in our lives.

Loki is my whole life, I cherish everything about her, her smell, her eyes, her looks, her hair, her love, and her heart

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