Dog’s name and age: Harper, 13 years

Nicknames: Harper-Pooh, Poohie

Adoption story: Harper was found wandering in Northern Georgia with a rope around her neck and heavily pregnant. Three days later she had ten puppies who found great homes and we found Harper. She came to New Jersey thanks to the good folks at Pups Rescue in Hopatcong. She refused to let us put a collar on her and would not come close to a car, let alone ride in one. The day we brought her home we had to carry her to the car and all the way home she tried to dig her way out under my seat!

We named her Harper Lee after the author of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Harper loves quiet times like walks, the breeze at the coast, sniffing in her yard and being with her family. She avoids crowds at all costs and loves alone time at home. She is a total calming influence on other dogs and now loves to ride in the car while she…

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