Every dog has their person. A dog may find comfort with everyone in a household, but there is always one special person they’ll gravitate toward. When my family welcomed Artie, our precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, eight years ago, we had hoped that his special person would be my little brother. But this was not the case. Instead, Artie decided to cling to my father, and over time, his grip has only tightened, much to my father’s dismay.

My dad is basically the human incarnation of Donkey Kong. He’s kind of a supervillain—not that he’s an awful person, but he’s got this aura around him that screams “don’t mess with me.” By day, he’s a judge, and by night, he goes to his jiu jitsu class and fights other men. He’s a macho guy. He’s Vegeta from Dragon Ball. He can be intimidating if you don’t know him (sometimes, he’s even intimidating if you do

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