The latest viral video of a dog has resulted in the dog being accused of conning his owners, but I want to defend this particular canine against those who speak against him. In the video, Billy the Lurcher limps along with his owner, Russell Jones, who—though on crutches with a broken ankle—was taking Billy for a walk.

First of all, kudos to Jones, who didn’t let a broken ankle, a cast or crutches get in the way of walking his dog! Additionally, when Billy limped and was clearly favoring one front paw, Jones didn’t hesitate to take him to the vet. The visit, including X-rays, cost £300 (over $400) and revealed nothing to explain Billy’s limp. The vet could find no injury or other reason for pain in the dog, so his limp remained a mystery.

The mystery was solved when Michelle Colgate, Jones’s partner of many years, watched the dog playing in the yard when Jones was not at…

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