Dogs are beautiful, charming, endearing—in fact, they ought to be in pictures. While this is true year-round, it’s especially appropriate this year, when many of us are doing our best to inject some fun into pandemic-beleaguered holidays. Focusing on our fabulous dogs is a good way to do that. Read on for ways to optimize the results.

The difference between a reasonably cute photo and a must-be-framed-and-hung-on-the-wall shot comes down to two basic issues: technical and behavioral. On the technical side, go for lighting and backgrounds that work in your favor. A proper understanding of your equipment means you can ensure that focus and exposure are spot on. Finally, the right perspective can make a huge difference; for example, capturing your dog at roughly her eye level will generally give you a better photo than a shot taken from above. (See the “We Recommend” list for more…

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