Dogs are scavengers—there’s no pretending otherwise. Some dogs embrace their scavenger nature more than others, becoming extreme practitioners of the lifestyle. If your dog is serious about searching out food (and even things that are most definitely not food) and snarfing it down, you know how scary that can be. If the item she swallows is either toxic or causes an intestinal blockage, it can mean an expensive vet visit. But far more importantly, it’s dangerous, which is why it is essential to have some answers to the question, “How do I get my dog to stop eating everything?”

You can’t stop people from littering and you can’t control nature, so fast-food wrappers, chicken bones, toxic nuts, dead birds, rotting sticks and barely buried cat poo will always be around. What you can do is protect your dog from the dangers of gulping down the stuff she finds.

If your canine…

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