Other Mothers, a Portland, Ore., animal rescue group devoted to pregnant dogs and their pups, was founded and is directed by Linda Caradine. Here, Caradine offers invaluable advice on how to start a rescue, including how she navigated various bureaucratic channels to get the well-respected and successful group up and running.

Quick Tips on Starting an Animal Rescue

• Seek out advice from other dog rescuers and animal shelters.
• Pick your rescue niche and stick to your choice.
• Develop a business plan.
• Recruit a group of devoted and highly experienced volunteers, including local merchant and business supporters.
• Work with the veterinary community to obtain free or reduced-rate procedures.
• Obtain 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, which is invaluable for fundraising.
• Publish a newsletter to promote supporters and adoption success stories.
• Make spay/neuter a top…

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