A video (below) capturing a highly charged incident that occurred between a woman walking her dog and a birdwatcher in NYC’s Central Park has gone viral. The antagonistic confrontation has spurred charges of racism, entitlement and accusations of animal cruelty. While we feel that the accusations of racist behavior are valid, we’ll leave that discussion to the political pundits and social activists and, instead, weigh in on the dog part of the equation. Step-by-step, here’s what is wrong with “this picture” and our recommendations for good dog AND human behavior in these types of situations.

  1. Obey park rules. The incident started because the woman was walking her dog off-leash in a clearly marked “dogs on-leash” area. The woman knew the posted rule that she was breaking. We all have park policies that we question and some we disagree with, but adhere to the posted rules…

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