As a professional dog trainer for over 25 years, and having worked for numerous veterinarians over the past 20 years, I have heard a lot of tales (not tails ? ) about a puppy or an adult dog that won’t sit still.

This is very common and no cause for panic or alarm!

This problem is actually fairly easily fixed with a few lifestyle changes, training, time and the ability to understand your puppy or adult dog and his needs.  Teach your dog what you want!

I seemingly say this in almost every article as of late.  People just don’t recognize the needs of their puppies or dogs.

Your dog and/or puppy is not human but still has distinct requirements that are sometimes very similar to the needs of a child.

People and dog owners either love or hate the fact that I often make analogies between dogs and children.  Sure, dogs are different but some of the parallels are…

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