I get this question more often than you would actually believe!

And I must be honest it isn’t always the “husband” sometimes it is the “wife” or even the kids or everyone “else” in the family.  Often I think it is the husband or the male because they tend to be slightly less nurturing than the woman in the relationship, but it certainly works both ways!

The problem is that these dogs can ruin relationships.

They can also end up in shelters or die because of their abusive relationships.

You see, THEY are the abusers.

They often sit in the lap of their “chosen” (person) and growl, hackle, and threaten to bite anyone who might trespass or get anywhere near.

Imagine having a child or an “X” sitting on your lap and anytime another person came up to hug you, sit next to you, or talk to you (including other family) they flashed a switchblade.  Now…

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