An emotionally charged rescue was caught on video, as a young dog stranded during Mexico’s recent battering by Hurricane Eta, clings to the outside of a building in a flooded street—until a rescue worker gently coaxes the dog into a boat and to safety. As the rescue worker, Eric Ramirez, approaches the dog, one witnesses the rescuer’s caution in reaching out to the struggling dog by petting him and gaining his trust. The dog is initially fearful, flinching at every move Ramirez makes, but is quickly won over and tentatively moves toward the boat, overcoming his hesitancy to climb aboard with some assistance from her rescuer. Once safely inside, the dog gives a vigorous shake, and his tail begins to wag with joy.

The dog was then transferred to a larger boat, and eventually to firm land where he was checked for malnourishment and then was provided with clean drinking water. The…

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