There are dogs. And then there are dogs. Hazel is the most special animal I have ever called my own. My wife and I adopted her from the humane society last week. They said she was a stray.  So, we are not clear on what her background is at all. We know that she is the most adorable Chocolate Lab we have ever seen, and now she has found her forever home. Her eyes emote happiness.

But here is where it gets hard to explain. Hazel can sit, stay, and all that regular jazz. But you must understand is that I was in an automobile accident over ten years ago and still fight for balance most all of the time. I have a traumatic brain injury, but it hasn’t had any noticeable impact on our relationship. The balance issue, however, is a daily catastrophe. But here’s the thing: from day one, Hazel instinctually knew my trouble and would wait at the top of the stairs to make sure I made it down….

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