November is adopt-a-senior-pet month, and also the month during which we celebrate Thanksgiving. So, it’s only natural to ponder the many reasons to be thankful for the precious older dogs who share our lives, homes and hearts.

Older dogs know us well, and that’s as wonderful as it is comforting. In many cases, these dogs have been in our lives for a long time, perhaps even since puppyhood, and have seen us through both happy and dark times. Sometimes, we’ve lived with these venerable dogs longer than we’ve lived with our spouse or our kids.

There are many reasons for closeness with older dogs. For one thing, it’s easier to live in the moment with them. By the time dogs reach the later stages of their lives, we’re less concerned about spoiling them, sending them down the wrong path or creating habits we may wish to change later. Personally, if an older dog chooses to nap on…

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