An old Cherokee and one of his granddaughters are sitting by the campfire. “There are two kinds of wolves in life, you know, that constantly fight each other: one is Hate, Suspicion, Hostility, Fear, and Violence; the other one is Love, Trust, Friendship, Hope, and Peace.”
The little girl stares into the fire for a while, then finally asks: “Which one of them wins?”

The old Cherokee doesn’t answer right away.  When he breaks the silence, he says, “The one you choose to feed.”

—A tale currently making the rounds of German WhatsApp groups

As I pointed out in the book, How the Dog Became the Dog, and in subsequent postings to this blog, there are major problems with the widely accepted view that wolves were basically self-domesticated by feasting on the refuse of early humans then moving into semi-permanent settlements complete with midden piles—garbage dumps. When it…

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