In Cara Sue Achterberg’s new book, One Hundred Dogs & Counting, she chronicles her experiences fostering dogs of all sizes and types, many of whom arrive in her home state of Pennsylvania from southern shelters. While there are occasionally some challenges, puppies count—hands down—as one of the big joys. After an emotionally taxing time with an adult dog, she and her husband, Nick, consider their options.

Excerpt: Puppies!

“Maybe I should stick to puppies for a while,” I told Nick.

And so we welcomed a string of new puppies that summer as I prepared for my book launch and tour.

Zander, a four-month-old Lab puppy from Tennessee, was a gentle soul who collapsed in an adoring heap whenever you touched him. He was one of the easiest foster puppies we’d ever had—housebroken and mild-mannered, his worst habit was chewing shoes left available to him.


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