Weimaraners are a devoted dog breed who want to be with people all of the time, which can be unnerving. But if you enjoy always having a dog by your side — and can spare plenty of time for hiking, jogging, or hunting — the Weimaraner can be an ideal canine sidekick.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Weimaraner dog breed, including its temperament, health, history, appearance, and grooming!

Weimaraner Temperament

Weimaraners can be friendly, happy, fearless, intelligent, curious and playful. They are very good with children and can be extremely attached to their family. They require a lot of attention, and they become deeply attached to their owners and will want to follow you everywhere. They make great watch dogs and are very protective of their families. 

Weimaraners have an incredible level of energy, and they need to run everyday. They enjoy almost all…

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