Transition whiplash—that describes spring 2020 for people and dogs alike. Millions of dogs accepted the constant company of people who are home all day quite seamlessly, but the next big transition is going to be a doozy. Being alone again when people return to work after months at home will pose challenges for dogs. Nobody expects this change to go as smoothly as the one that gave us all that extra time at home with our dogs, but we can take steps to minimize the difficulties for dogs.

Lay the groundwork for a return to work

If you have any lead time before returning to work away from home, make use of it to prepare your dog. Routine is comforting to most dogs, so put them on a consistent schedule that is as close as possible to the one they will soon be on. Getting dogs accustomed to the flow of life after you return will lessen the shock and make it easier for them to adjust….

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