A man walks into a pool hall with his dog … no, this isn’t the beginning of a joke—it’s a showcase for a dog with the unique ability to play the game of pool. Meet Halo, who learned to play pool from her owner Josh Kuhn. After Kuhn installed a new pool table in the basement of his Minnesota home, he found Halo to be a regular observer, then a curious participant as Halo would stand up on her back legs, lean her paws onto the table, bark at the balls and run around, eyeing and following the action. Soon, Josh seized upon her curiosity and taught Halo how to play the game by using her paws as a doggie cue.

There’s a long tradition of perfecting trick pool shots but rarely has a dog been recorded playing pool with such accuracy. The shots are likely set up by her human but Halo takes aim and pushes the ball with great form—straight shots, bank shots, cushion shots—she…

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