Do you let the chips fall where they may? If you don’t pick up after your dog, the consequences can be far more serious than merely annoying the neighbors. Dog poop significantly contributes to water pollution. Even if your dog isn’t doing his business where it could roll or be washed into a body of water, the waste can still leach into the groundwater supply. Dog poop also carries bacteria and parasites, which live in the soil long after the waste itself disintegrates. If left where it falls, dog waste can contaminate the soil, making it an unsafe area for children to play.

So what to do with all that dog poop? You know you should pick it up, but then what? All those plastic grocery bags end up in a landfill, preserving poop into the next century. One option is to use biodegradable bags, which claim to break down to allow the waste to decompose. Stock up on your own, and…

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